ChangeMaker Ventures
Membership Benefits

ChangeMaker Ventures is absolutely in a league of its own, and for the right person it is literally the greatest thing that has ever become available. We are merging together the following to help you radically take your already wonderful life to the next level.

Angel Investor Network

Gain access to up to 5 exclusive early stage tech investment opportunities per month from the CILA Labs Portfolio.
The Parent Company of ChangeMaker Ventures is CILA Labs which is a technology incubator poised to launch 10,000 tech companies by 2031. As a member of ChangeMaker Ventures, you will have early access to invest in any of these companies in an angel round where the minimum investment is only $10,000 in exchange for equity.  
Your investment will help take an idea from a piece of paper to MVP status (Minimal Viable Product). 
Investing in early stage technology is the single greatest way to build a financial legacy.

Behind The Scenes

Our Parent Company will go down in history as the most innovative company and you will gain behind the scenes access!
As a member of ChangeMaker Ventures you will get invitations to roundtable discussions with the goal of solving inefficiencies that exist within every industry, community, and the world. 
We will discuss, health, construction, farming, social media optimization, affiliate marketing, project management, podcasting, AR/VR, investing and more!
Plus, your voice will be heard during private ideation sessions for new portfolio companies that are finalizing the product specs prior to any fundraising. Imagine being able to build the software of your dreams to solve a specific challenge you are experiencing! That’s what behind the scenes access offers you! 

Technology Education

Technology is taking over the world and it’s important to understand the trends and what’s to come.
We are bringing some of the greatest minds in tech directly to our members so that you can learn about various tech trends, what to look for when investing in technology, what’s working from a go-to-market standpoint and so much more. 
From Venture Capitalists to Tech Founders to Consultants and more, you will learn from the most relevant people. 
Increasing your technology IQ will serve you in many ways even outside of ChangeMaker Ventures and while you learn you can also connect with other members of our powerful community inside of the portal. These relationships will prove to be immensely valuable as you begin to immerse yourself into the world of tech! 

When You Say YES To ChangeMaker Ventures
You will Get The Following

Exclusive Tech Investment Opportunities Delivered Monthly By CILA Labs**

ChangeMaker Ventures Welcome Kit

Access the CILA Executives and Advisors

Monthly Q&A With Dr. Ben Lerner and Jared Yellin

Monthly Training From Leaders In The Investment Community

Secured Membership Platform Only For ChangeMaker Ventures Members

Highest Leverage Networking You Will Ever Experience

Quarterly ChangeMaker Life and Business Challenges

VIP Access To Submit Your Own Ideas or Refer Other People With Ideas To CILA Labs

Annual Event In Naples, FL in October 2021*

Local And Virtual Meet-Up Opportunities 

Early Access To CILA Products 

Exclusive Affiliate Opportunities With CILA Products

Ability To Grow The ChangeMaker Ventures Movement And Earn $1,000/Person

Monthly Behind The Scenes of CILA Labs

*Additional Fees May Apply Or Virtually If COVID Persists.

**If/when you invest in any of the tech opportunities you will embark on the most exhilarating adventure of your career life…

There is no better place to learn business, entrepreneurship, and truly how to HAVE IT ALL than being inside of a tech company that is in the IDEA phase and rapidly evolving into the launch and forever go-to-market.

We genuinely hope you invest in at least one tech company and ideally one a year, because allocating a portion of your investment portfolio to early stage tech companies is the most impactful thing you can do for the legacy you are building and eventually will leave behind.

Please give us a moment to back this bold statement…

We Invite You To Say YES The Join The Most Powerful Network Of Mission-Driven People On The Planet Who Are Eager To Learn TOGETHER, Collaborate TOGETHER, Invest TOGETHER, and Be TOGETHER!

Founding Member Special
Limited To First 100 Members
Gain Early Access To Exclusive Investment Opportunities
Only $2,500*
*You will have the opportunity to cancel before your renewal each year
We only have four criteria and if you can check all of these boxes then you found your tribe!

  • Accredited (SEC Requirement)
  • Mission-Driven
  • Desire To Connect With Like-Minded People
  • Eager To Make A Difference

What Are The Benefits Of Joining ChangeMaker Ventures?

To be completely honest, we don’t know every benefit because ChangeMaker Ventures is simply so comprehensive that we can’t even imagine how much your life, business, and legacy will accelerate, but here are the top seven WINS you get when you say YES to join ChangeMaker Ventures...

The Investments

Every person who has reached the status of being accredited should have a portion of their portfolio invested in early-stage technology because there is no more effective way to build a and leave a financial legacy for yourself, your family, and for generations to come. The fact that CILA Labs is a partner in ChangeMaker Ventures is absolutely off-the-charts exciting because CILA Labs will launch 10,000 tech companies by 2031 and the majority will need small investments to take the idea from paper and turn it into an MVP (Minimal Viable Product). This is the holy grail of tech investments and an exclusive opportunity for our ChangeMaker Ventures network to participate in with very small investments in exchange for meaningful equity in a tech company. Click here to learn more about the extraordinary opportunities that exist when you invest in an early-stage tech company. 

The Access

The Founders and Advisors and Faculty of ChangeMaker Ventures are some of the most extraordinary people you will ever meet. People who are clear on what matters most and have established firm non-negotiables so that their life and business and impact are always on the up and up. These people also bring an insane level of insight that will support you in whatever you are trying to audaciously create which is why we say the ACCESS you gain to our people is the first benefit.

The Network

Listen, we can EASILY build a massive network. Our Founders, Advisors, and Faculty have a ton of influence in many different industries, but what makes ChangeMaker Ventures unique is the type of people we allow inside. Mission-Driven, Successful, Innovative, Leaders who are completely satisfied with the abundance they have in their lives, but yearn for more. The lifelong friendships you make will be beyond your wildest dreams.

The Mission

ChangeMaker Ventures will change the world, but not in the rah-rah-rah pound your chest type of way. Rather, buy building the most powerful network for mission-driven humans who yearn to connect with like-minded people while benefiting from early investment access to some of the most innovative tech companies in the world. By combining ChangeMaker Ventures and CILA Labs we will eliminate every inefficiency that exists in every industry, community, and even the world which will create an entirely new level of freedom for people. In a more tangible sense, we will solve problems that will allow people to save time, make money, and experience more magic during their lifetime.

The Learning

What you will learn in ChangeMaker Ventures is not taught in school or business school or at seminars or really anywhere because we have such a unique melting pot of people and leaders involved and everything we teach...we live! Part of our CODE is to Walk Your Talk which means that if we are teaching a principle, we better be living the principle so our focus is on what we call...HaveItAllPreneur. We deliver on your learning with monthly Q&A sessions along with inviting our faculty to teach you how to find the greatest investments so that your money begins to work for you.

The Coolness

This might sound silly, but we guarantee that when you say YES to ChangeMaker Ventures that you feel cooler. Literally, you feel like you just said YES to something that makes your entire life better. You will proudly tell people, you will have a new sense of energy and excitement, and you will feel like your life has reached the next level. Plus, if/when you invest in any of the tech companies presented, your life will become exponentially cooler because there is nothing more interesting than investing in technology and when you begin to share this with other people in your world, just watch how intrigued they become! 

The Exposure

We will open our worlds to you from CILA Labs and the insane innovation we are working on daily, to new and exciting relationships that we build, to press opportunities and everything else that happens in our fast-paced world - we consider you in our inside group and we want you to experience all of this with us and more.

These Are Only The Top Seven Benefits And We Guarantee That Others Will Emerge That Are More Specific To You...So, Are You Ready?!

Founding Member Special
Limited To First 100 Members
Gain Early Access To Exclusive Investment Opportunities
Only $2,500*
*You will have the opportunity to cancel before your renewal each year
We only have four criteria and if you can check all of these boxes then you found your tribe!

  • Accredited (SEC Requirement)
  • Mission-Driven
  • Desire To Connect With Like-Minded People
  • Eager To Make A Difference

Our Parent Company Is What Makes ChangeMaker Ventures Unlike Anything Else In The World!

Early-stage tech companies are considered to have a higher than normal risk profile because most of them don’t make it. This is why early-stage tech investing is really only accessible to a very small group of investors who are immersed in that ecosystem.

BUT, there is an INSANE opportunity for you as a member of ChangeMaker Ventures because of our Parent Company, CILA Labs.