Welcome ChangeMaker Affiliates!

Hello Fellow ChangeMaker!

First off - AMAZING!

Simply awesome that you want to share CMV with people who are meant to be in our network. 

Listen, CMV is hands down the most unique opportunity that exists for the right person…
  • Accredited (SEC Requirement)
  • Mission-Driven
  • Desire To Connect With Like-Minded People
  • Eager To Make A Difference

And what makes this network unlike any other mastermind group, accountability program, or coaching experience is that our primary focus is on exposing each member to early stage tech investments that have the potential for limitless scale.

Plus, we bring on faculty members that we guarantee you have not heard from before because these people are movers and shakers in the world of tech investment that don’t typically speak publicly. 

Plus plus, you have the ability to connect with other successful people who are interested and excited about making small investments into early stage tech companies.

Like we said…

CMV is hands down the most unique opportunity that exists for the right person…

And when you get your RIGHT PERSON or RIGHT PEOPLE to join...we will say THANK YOU with $1,000 for your efforts.

But please also realize that the $1,000 is just scratching the surface…
“YES, you will earn $1,000 as our way of saying THANK YOU for inviting someone to join CMV, but this THANK YOU is only scratching the surface. Each time a new member joins, our entire NETWORK becomes even more powerful, even more impactful, even more connected. You just changed their life and the lives of our entire network. This goes beyond just the $1,000. KUDOS TO YOU!”

Jared Yellin
Co-Founder of CILA Labs

We want to make it REALLY easy for you to refer so please take a look at our Affiliate Creative Kit with emails, social media images/captions, and an overview that explains this very unique opportunity.

Finally, please keep our CMV Affiliate Dashboard (your link is in your welcome email) handy because this is where you can track your commissions, grab your custom tracking URL and so much more.

Thank you again and congratulations - we are just so honored to partner up with you to expand the impact of ChangeMaker Ventures!

TOGETHER We Achieve More,
Your ChangeMaker Ventures Team